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The Scientific Marketer's Whitepaper: Create marketing strategies that work

Improve your marketing performance across multiple channels by getting exclusive access to our powerful retention metrics proven to boost conversions and reduce customer churn across email, ads, mobile, and website. Here at ReSci, our data science team spends a lot of time thinking deeply about customer retention for commercial businesses. Simply put, our highest priority is in your success. Get involved in high level predictive analytics and take part in winning strategies in this free guide.

In this guide you will learn:retentionmarketing-predictiveanalytics.png

  • Measuring the accuracy of predicted Churn of your customers
  • Deeper understanding of the forecasted spend of your customers (Customer Future Value)
  • CFV validation reports, methods, applications
  • Probability of purchase for new site visitors (Welcome Purchase Probability), use cases & models
  • Successful examples of WPP in action 
  • Evaluating WPP performance

As the saying goes, you don't get a second chance in making first impressions. Join the future in email marketing by getting a first hand look that can make or break your business. 

 Customer Retention is hard. ReSci makes it easier.

Sample pages from this study:

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