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The Real ROI of True Marketing Automation & Predictive Analytics

We did the validation and we are happy to report, with 99% statistical confidence, that Cortex, our AI-powered marketing automation platform, is creating significant revenue impact for our partners.

Cortex sets itself apart from other AI technologies with its true automation, using your data to make precise predictions on customer behavior. Cortex self-corrects based on these predictions to help create stronger customer retention.

The final product has been showing tangible results with significant boost in conversions and eliminating customer churn. With our help, brands like BCBG attained a 150% revenue lift over their previous static trigger program.

In this study, we discovered that without Cortex, revenue would've been 15% lower, even factoring in natural customer growth and discounts. This report generated by our Data Science team shows how our AI was able to generate this additional revenue, and what success actually means to ReSci.

In our 12-page report, you'll learn:

  • Learn the methods for measuring revenue & counterfactuals
  • Adjusting for other factors such as new signups, discounts, and seasonality
  • Determining a confidence score for the true revenue lift

Sample content:

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