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Lifecycle Marketing Webinar
Lifecycle Marketing Webinar
 Tracy Randall
Tracy Randall
Former CEO, Co-Founder 

  Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee
Client Success Manager
Retention Science

Are you marketing to your customers based on where they are in their lifecycle with your brand?

Smart marketers know that customers go through different stages that have specific needs during their engagement with a brand. This concept is the basis of Lifecycle Marketing. Creating messaging and content to speak to customers in each stage makes brands more relevant and helps retain customers. 

Join Tracy Randall, CEO and Co-Founder of (acquired by Target) and Ryan Lee, Client Success Manager at Retention Science, as they discuss Lifecycle Marketing.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What is Lifecycle Marketing?
  • How to segment your customers into different lifecycle stages
  • Campaigns for each stage
  • Lifecycle Marketing examples from leading brands
  • Expert tips on how to optimize your Lifecycle Marketing campaigns

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