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eCommerce Metrics Webinar
eCommerce Metrics Webinar
Justin Winter
CEO & Co-founder
Diamond Candles

  Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee
Customer Success Manager
Retention Science
Learn what metrics successful eCommerce companies measure and use to scale their business.

Good marketers can answer the question "How well is my business doing." Great marketers can back it up with data. The best marketers generate a feedback-loop to continually improve their marketing process and scale their business.

(If you want a sneak peak, watch the Diamond Candles success story below.)

Join eCommerce expert Justin Winter, CEO & Co-founder from Diamond Candles and Ryan Lee, Customer Success Manager from Retention Science, as they discuss how scaling eCommerce companies can measure success and inform their marketing strategy and process.

Wed. Feb 11th 10:00 am PST | Register Now »

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to segment your data
  • Key metrics to track
  • Advanced & predictive metrics
  • How to tell if your campaign was successful
  • How to measure actual value, not just clicks or sales

Watch the Diamond Candles success story:

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